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The gambling platforms out there that offer Cheque as one of the payment options. We help you choose the best of them.

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Cheque Casinos – A Brief Guide to This Deposit Method

Same as online casinos evolve with time, the payment system changes and offers players more and more innovative options for making their deposits. However, old-fashioned banking services are still popular and frequently used by players, as they are familiar with them, and the process of depositing is clear and understandable. Thus, many customers of online casinos do not want to change something that works well for them.

Payment via cheque is one such payment method. It has been available for centuries, and it is easy to use, so many people opt for it when it comes to online gambling. Nonetheless, considering that cheque is a piece of paper, and the casino functions online, it is no surprise that many players wonder how cheque payments work for deposits. The answer to this question can be found below.

Table of Contents

Cheque Casino: How to Deposit Funds?

Cheque casino is not uncommon as many players consider cheque payment secure and trustworthy, and this is what many players search for when they visit online casinos where everything is modern and innovative. An island of stability and familiarity.


Those players who choose to deposit with a cheque book should follow these easy steps:

  • Find the operator that offers cheques among payment methods. When it comes to deposits, it is not a difficult task, as many online operators have it integrated into their websites. Those willing to have cheque payments for withdrawals as well can spend some time searching for the right casino.
  • As soon as a player decided to make a deposit with a bank cheque at an online casino, they should fill in all necessary information on a cheque, including the sum of the deposit, and mail it to the physical address of the selected casino. When it comes to cheque payments, it is better to use courier services to be certain that it reaches the receiver quickly.
  • After that, all a player needs to do is wait until the casino receives the cheque, processes it, and credits money to the balance.

Pros of Casino with Cheque Payment

It is important to weigh all advantages and disadvantages of a cheque casino before deciding to make a deposit. Let’s look at them in more detail to understand whether this payment method suits the best.

When it comes to positive sides of cheque payments, those include:

  • Simplicity: this payment method has been there since the launch of an online casino. It is easy to use, and it does not take much time to fill in the cheque and send it by mail. Moreover, many online operators offer this deposit method, so it is not a problem to pick a casino and register in it.
  • High deposit limits: players do not have to limit their deposits, as cheque casinos allow large sums to be credited and used for playing games.
  • No mediator: many players become a little suspicious when it comes to transferring money from their bank account via a certain payment processor. Many of them are new and unfamiliar, and cheque payment allows users to avoid a mediator.

Disadvantages of Casino with Cheque Payment

However, there are some drawbacks to using cheque casinos, and the main one is the speed of deposits. It usually takes no less than three business days to get a deposit. This is too long to wait especially if there is an immediate desire to play games at an operator.

The other disadvantage of this payment method is the lack of encryption. Cheques are sent by mail or courier service, and all personal details can be seen by any third party. Thus, the risks of personal and banking information being disclosed are quite high.

Casino with cheque Payment Are Too Slow. How About eCheques?

Those who enjoy the idea of depositing at a casino with a cheque, but do not like to wait for a long time to receive a deposit can be interested in trying eCheques. They are quite widespread in New Zealand. ECheques are the electronic version of cheques, and they eliminate the main disadvantage of a cheque casino – slow transactions.

Depositing with eCheques is very simple. All a player needs to have is an eCheque banking account and an account at a casino that accepts eCheques. Then, just fill in all necessary banking details, as well as it should be done in a casino with the cheque method, and press the ‘Submit’ button. Money will be credited relatively quickly.

Cheque Casinos FAQ:

Are cheque casinos popular in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of those markets that offer players ACH and cheque payment methods for online casinos, and they are quite popular with customers. The reason for that can be the fact that both casino with cheque and ACH is not new thing. Many players are familiar with depositing via those payment methods, and they continue using them despite having many digital alternatives.

Are deposits with cheques fast?

Unfortunately, players who make deposits with a cheque at an online casino should wait for three or more days for their funds to be credited to their balance.

What are alternatives to cheque casinos?

Players can make deposits with credit cards and Apple Pay if physical cheque deposits seem to be too slow for them.

What is eCheque casino?

New Zealand is the country where eCheques are very popular, and they are also used in online gambling. Those are digital versions of physical cheques, and depositing via them are faster.